1Jaden Denison🎊
4Ethan Kurka 🎁
5Devin Denison🎉
6Gay Linn Eckman, Annie Dension🎈
7Collin Vander Wal🎁
9 Kylie Horstman🎉
9 Zach & Grace Erickson 💍
11Sara Duncan🎂
16 Georgia Miller, Kylie Owens🎊
18 Jonah Denison🎁
21Audra Gunderson🎂
25Mandy Bjerke, Sommer Riggins🎉
26Jace Goodfellow🎈
plzPlease let Tim and/or Holly know if there are missing celebrations

“Double The Recipe” Building Campaign

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2024 Services: Apr 14, June 23, Sept 15, Nov 24,
Dec 24 Christmas Eve Service.

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