Prayer Requests

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  • 4/17/2024 @11:30 from Jed re: Mary Lou this morning:
    Mary Lou's chest X-ray showed she's developed a pneumothorax and she needs a chest tube. Surgeon to place under anesthesia hopefully in the next hour or so.
  • Mary Lou update:
    Mom fell Sunday morning and broke her upper humerus on her right arm and also broke 6 ribs. She is in the Brookings hospital for pain control and therapy. She is still having a lot of pain. A splint was put on her arm today to help stabilize it and help with pain. Please pray for continued strength and relief of pain.
  • We are gaining weight. We are now 4lbs 10oz Her surgery site/belly are looking really good still. They took her off paralytic and sedation Thursday afternoon. She is still intubated, hoping Monday to get that removed. With bowel out it was swollen; so with putting it all back in it took over some of the space her lungs needed. So now her lungs are a little squished. So intubation helps her rest a little and give the bowel time to reduce swelling. She is on the lowest setting for being intubated and can tell she wants it out, but again rest and time. Thank You everyone so much for the prayers! We still have a ways to go, but are grateful for where we are. Much love, Abbi and Devin
  • April 14 Praises and Prayer Requests
    -continued prayers for Jilian Butler who is missing
    -prayers for Molly Yoder's family, who passed away this week in a bicycle accident.
    -continued prayers for Kaliyah as she continues to grow and spends time in the NICU. Prayers for Abbi and Devin as well.
    -prayers for Marylou as she fell
    -prayers for Garret's coworker's husband, John, who has an aggressive form of cancer, and prayers for the upcoming appointment
    -prayers for Marci's dad, Earl, who fell and is still in the hospital.
    -praise - Fischer's are expecting another grandson
  • Ongoing Prayer Concerns
    -Jana Duncan: cancer
    -Justin Saathoff: recovering from liver transplant
    -Kaliyah Denison: growth
    -Our Country
    -Dalton: growth and development
    -Lydia Van Stedum: developmental progress with speech and behavior
    -The Lost
    -PCC Body: Smith and Duncan Families, Elders and their families
    -Missions We Support: Diamond Willow Ministries, Option 1, NEAP, SDSU Campus Ministry/CSF, Pioneer Bible Translators (Todd and Angela Owen, Paul McAllister), Morgan Brouk/Black Box International, Haiti School of Hope, Pine Haven Christian Assembly, Estelline Food Pantry